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  • Product Line Advantages
  • Care about details
    Attention to detail

    Designed with high durability in mind

  • High quality

    Full cycle quality control, from fabric selection and procurement to finish and packaging

  • Adversity Protection

    Protection against mechanical damage, temperature exposure, humidity, oils and acids.

About us:
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About us:
  • 19 years

    of outstanding performance and exceptional client retention

  • 115,000 +

    uniformed crew

  • 35 crewing companies

    high client retention

  • 24 hours

    max duration of order fullfilment*

    *doesn't include branding customization

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24 hour turn around

Operation in extreme conditions

Time-tested quality, durability and reliable service are our best attributes. Full cycle quality control allows us to constanty improve our production cycle while discovery new ways to innovate. You are welcome to test our products for wear resistance, comfort and functionality. We are proud that our uniforms comply with the most stringent of workplace requirements.

Our products

Wide range of models and sizes
Manufacturing & Warehouse

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Quotation request for entire crew
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Good Uniform - uniforms for marine crew

Good Uniform - is a stable company with family values, maintaining its reputation of being a market leader for more than 19 years. We value quality, environment friendly and sustainable manufacturing processes, growth of our personnel as well as constant improvement of our products and services to make partnership with us easy and reliable.